Carolina Pale Ale 

John Stone

A crisp beer brewed in the Carolina hills.

The Beginning

Project Overview

This project is a beer brand concept based on the town I lived in while in high school—Johnston, South Carolina. Johnston is a rural town with many farms and open hills of hay and cattle. I loved living here durning my high school years at first I was mad moving away from the city to the country to live…but I actually fell in love with the small town.

The name of the beer is John Stone which is a play off the name of the town of Johnston. I wanted the brand to represent the rural and picturesque small town.


Finding the right solution

After doing research on the history of the town I then headed out to take pictures of open fields, streams and wildlife for inspiration. These inspirational images helped me come up with the final design for the logo that I would use to represent John stone.

It's a wrap


I decided to create a four-pack that would hold glass beer bottles. I used glass as the material for the bottles because I thought it went along good with the printed logo.

Final Logo



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