SAP Ariba Live

A Redesign of SAP Ariba Live

SAP Ariba Live is a yearly event held in multiple locations were professionals from different business industries from all over the world come and learn more about how SAP Ariba helps connect businesses to grow their business using SAP Ariba products. 

The Beginning

Project Overview

SAP Ariba Live is a huge event held in different cities around the world. Thousands of business men and business women attend these events each year. For this project I had to create a website that was modern and responsive. The previous site was five years old and in need of a complete overhaul from the UI to the code in expression engine—it was time to start anew. The main challenge was: How could I come up with a design that is new and innovative but at the same time still functional so the user can still understand how to get from point A to point B. This was a major issue because even through the previous site was old and out dated the users loved it because they knew which path to take to get to their destinations.


Finding the right solution

After two weeks of research into what our competition was doing and also looking at event websites from large companies I settled on a direction. I wanted to create a site that was very photo friendly—which would allow for beautiful imagery from the events and also white space to give the site room to breathe. I always start with sketches of different layouts followed by wireframing and finally a full mock up of the design as it would look on the web. I used a twelve column grid with a gutter width of twenty pixels.

It's a wrap


This was a fun and difficult project the end result was a modern site that is fully responsive and also allows for UI sections to be updated and placed with ease in expression engine.

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